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Some make us smile, like the one telling us a 2nd grade class in New Hampshire used it this spring to learn about birds and journaled each day. From each other, from us humans who pollute the environment with balloon strings and plastic strips and straws and rubber gloves - all which can be found in the nest as of right now. I recently got one along that line that really made me wonder about the whole role of humans and nature, and how the multimedia gift that these cams present affects that relationship. This person said it was "intensely disturbing" to watch the attacks and I couldn't agree more. With sound - even if the windows are closed it can reach disturbing decibels. I literally turn to my left and see the nest - and I count that as a blessing, not a curse, but I get it. I also understand that you get attached to the birds and "how distressing it is to us." Want to get attached to them?

Some make us laugh, like knowing there are people who obviously have a computer screen dedicated strictly to our birds - at work! I'll paraphrase, but in essence this person said that it was our duty to remove the mother "permanently" from the gene pool. Take a look at the cam in mid-February, when it's cold and windy and empty. The first moment we start seeing them up here around March is like having the corner of some giant gray, cold, miserable blanket lifted by the corner to give a glimpse of late July glory. And trust me, no one misses her more during this deluge of emails, calls, tweets, etc., than me!

All the good vibes being sent to the third chick appear to have paid off this morning as it took the big leap.

It flew around a bit and settled on the nearby transmission tower for a while.

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We're also attached to them because we miss deeply the person who helped start the nest and camera and maintained it until her untimely death at 41. But she certainly wouldn't even consider what was suggested. My correspondent thinks that our "hand's (sic) off policy does not reflect well on Woods Hole." But since Woods Hole is an area, not specifically this institution, with nests unseen by prying electronic eyes up and down the coast, I couldn't disagree more.

Osprey are thriving here and that reflects well on Woods Hole.

Kendra Sunderland’s mom started getting panicked texts from friends last week about her daughter.

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