Wow glyph of intimidating shout


As I sit here enjoying, well, my usual meal of ham, cheesecake, and, of coarse schnapps. ( b ^-^)b In this guide I will be talking about the ins and outs of a Pv P focused protection spec for the warrior, as well is sticking to a more, battleground focused bias.

But warrior confused, because new patch notes long and scary. We’ve got everything to get you back up and running in Wo W Patch [patchnumber], whether you’re Single Minded Fury or Titan’s Grip – from glyphs and talents to stats, reforging and gemming to Mo P’s ability priorities and rotation.

But there wasn't any motivation too before, because I could just hog all the fun to myself, and continuing being that elitist yelling at you to do things the right way, you laugh at me and then smack talk my prot spec, then I come out at the end of a BG top damage, third on heals and the most killing blows you have ever seen... ^-^ The first, and most important, thing to stress here, is that protection is not for those of you that want OMGWTF HUUUUUGE NUMBERS! You are a battle technician, you are designed to control the battlefield with your unbelievably massive artillery of crowd control, enemy debuffs and player buffs.

I think to myself that there have been guides on this in the past about protection specs in Pv P settings, but I feel that most did not capture the heart of the Pv Protection spec, and I could do a better job...

But you have to decide what will work best in your situation.

Feel free to check video of Warrior MT Lo D by Shizel here. When you are main-tanking you have enough rage for everything, when you are offtanking you don`t need rage.

Like most classes played in Pv P, you cannot put a timed rotation on your abilities.

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