Wine dating ozone

Ozone presents several advantages over other alternatives, including higher sanitization quality, time and energy savings and decreased chemical use without the harmful disinfection byproducts of harsher chemical agents.

Ozone enhances the barrels by preventing organic buildup that undercuts the longevity of these precious vessels.

Barrel sanitation was an even tougher challenge; chlorinated cleaners couldn't be used in barrels because of the porous properties of oak and possible chemical retention.

The use of ozonated water for sanitation was presented in the late 1990s and was quickly adopted by the wine industry.

With hundreds of winery clients around the world, Mc Clain Ozone produces sanitation systems designed to meet the needs of any size winery (Client List available on request).

Ozone a Versatile Organic Sanitizer in the Winery Sanitation plays a critical role in winemaking.

The rate of ozone consumption in the reactor with the O processes was in the range of 70–95% during the experiments, suggesting an effective use of the ozone supplied to the system.

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