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* Was the top of a pornography ring with Savanah Wilder and Richard Cates.* Held Larry's murder of Megan Hathaway over his head.Her godfather, the noted actor Telly Savalas, encouraged her to pursue her dream of being a "star." Most of her youth was spent in New York, although her family lived in Greece for a year.When she was nine years old, her parents’ marriage ended in divorce.His son, Ryat, was born in 2014 and he also fathered a daughter Kira, 10 months, with his ex-partner.A source close to their mother Adriane Hallek, 26, says: "AJ does not see either of his children, and he's only met Kira once.

Aniston's mother, who penned a tell-all book titled "From Mother and Daughter to Friends," was not invited to the ceremony.

* Knew about ex-wife Nicole Walker's part in Colin Murphy's death and blackmailed her with it.

Children are quite often rebellious when they're forbidden from doing something, but Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston took the form of rebellion to a whole new level. Become a lawyer.' In the end, she says the defiance she threw at her soap opera dad is what helped her succeed. I was hoping that I was going to make it, so that I could prove him wrong. So I'm happy he made that claim that he didn't want me to do it.

The former Friends star recently admitted that going head-to-head with her father, Days of our Lives' John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis), is what prompted her to become a star. As for her father's daytime career, Aniston says his DAYS role is why she wasn't allowed to watch television as a child.

I was hell-bent because my dad was just begging me not to be in the industry, she revealed to Collider. He was on a soap opera, and is still on a soap opera, so I wasn't really allowed to watch television, unless I was home sick, and then they allowed me to watch TV, she recalls, adding that the first time she saw her dad on the screen, she didn't know what to think.

American actress, best known as "Rachel," the sexy waitress on the immensely popular television comedy show, "Friends," which premiered in 1994.

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