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Although she started singing publicly at age eight, Holly’s professional life began in earnest with acting performances in such movies and TV shows as “Slaughterhouse Five,” “Minnie and Moskowitz,” “All in the Family,” “The Mod Squad” and “The Partridge Family,” and she appeared in “Hair” on Broadway.In the early ’70s, Holly decided on music as her major focus, especially that which addressed the social conditions of the world community, and started singing and writing songs. wars against Indochina, and the music industry’s disinterest in her outspoken lyrics, Holly launched her own record label, Redwood Records, one of the industry’s first artist-owned companies, in 1972.Although Redwood Records closed its doors in the early Nineties, Holly started another label, Calico Tracks, which, along with Appleseed, has been returning many of her recordings to availability.Her most recent CD of new recordings is Holly continues to perform worldwide as a musical ambassador for peace, bringing to the stage her distinctive integration of world consciousness, spiritual discovery, theatricality and an unwillingness to separate her passion for music from her passion for human dignity.I started the show with a very outspoken song called "I Ain't Afraid." That's from her CD called "Edge," from 2000, and when I asked her what songs she is most known for that's one she mentioned right away.I want to interject that in ten years I've interviewed a lot of artists and when I was editing this interview I just marveled at how good her comments are.Abstract: These addenda to the papers of singer, songwriter, activist, actor, and author Holly Near contain concert contracts; performance programs, posters, and advertisements; television and movie scripts; personal correspondence and fan mail; photographs; and records of Redwood Records.

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There's a very interesting quote on her website that I think sums up well her approach to her art.

She says, ""I do not separate my music from my heart nor do I separate my ideas from my daily life.

Singer, songwriter, producer, record label owner, actor, author, activist, feminist, teacher – Holly Near’s interlinked careers and integrity have earned her the reputation as one of the most powerful and articulate political artists of our time.

Born to politically active parents from North Dakota and New York in the rural community of Ukiah, California, Holly grew up in an environment that combined Western sensibility and Eastern sophistication.

I open myself up to learning as much as I can about humanity and this mysterious life experience, but I do not relate to political work as a series of 'causes.' Moment by moment, I integrate what I learn into my personal life, personalizing my politics.

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