Who is chad rogers dating 2016

After leaving the show, he continues to focus on his successful business, but takes time to indulge in something black and white and very special in his life. If there’s one thing that could instantly melt the heart of this handsome hunk with one look, it’s his Chihuahua, Starla. Chad Rogers: My girlfriend at the time and I decided to get a dog.

We spent weeks online researching long-haired applehead Chihuahuas.The first season encompasses two real estate agencies, one in Hollywood and one in Malibu.Numerous agents were featured during the season (including Madison Hildebrand, who appeared in later seasons).The series chronicles the professional and personal lives of four real estate agents based in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Malibu, California as they sell high-end properties.It also gives viewers an inside look at the world of high-priced real estate in Los Angeles County.I don’t think I would have made it through that time if Starla wasn’t by my side.

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