Wellesley students dating

The professors are all passionate and willing to give the most in every class.

Wellesley is an amazing place for people who are extremely dedicated to academics.

Now that we have an outwardly racist sexual predator and a homophobic misogynist serving as the two faces of our country, it seems like the rest of the bigots quietly lurking in the country are coming out of the woodwork and revealing their true racist, sexist colors.

Yesterday, Babson College fraternity students Edward Tomasso and Parker Rand-Ricciardi broke into the neighboring school of Wellesley, an all-female school, and viciously harassed students on campus after Trump’s win.

While Wellesley is highly tolerant of differing views on sexuality—and this is a wonderful thing—it is absurd to stereotype its student body as decadently promiscuous or choc full of lesbians uniformly hostile to stay-at-home motherhood.

That the media portrays Wellesley unfairly is an opinion universally reflected by students on campus. Bence, a freshman at Wellesley, numerous students buck the media’s stereotype: “There’s a demand for better married housing because there are a significant number of married students here. And as for predominant beliefs, I would talk about the faith-based initiatives on campus.

It is not in keeping with the high standards to which we hold ourselves as members of the Babson community and certainly is in no way a reflection of the integrity of Babson students, generally.I think we have more of a religious presence on campus than many media portrayals suggest.” Another first-year named Elizabeth (who requested that her surname be withheld for fear of community backlash) added that her close friend views her time at college as, “What she’s doing before she becomes a mother.” In terms of mainstream student values then, Wellesley today is every bit as much Mona Lisa Smile-puritan as it is secular, Sapphic fantasyland.And there are, of course, numerous students that fall between these two spheres.In only a few weeks time, John Harvard’s staid, suburban sister plans to strip down, get liquored up, and let loose for a week of liberal-minded debauchery.On the heels of an April 7 concert to promote choice, fronted by a lesbian-led rock group at its Lulu Chow Wang campus center, Wellesley College’s GBLSTA group Spectrum plans to host its annual Dyke Ball on April 14.Local and national media outlets are no doubt salivating in anticipation, already pitching titillating headlines and scintillating articles to appeal to the baser instincts of its readership.

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