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It was a segment I did for a TV show called “The List” on easy ways to watch TV without cable. The other sections contain more information on topics like watching sports, replacing your landline, DVR alternatives, TV over the air, and much more.

By the end, you should be ready to cut the cord and stop paying thousands on cable TV.

Ceton offers solutions for cable operators and technology suppliers to deliver multi-channel video services to commercial establishments.

From hotels and sports stadiums to universities, gyms and sports bars, Ceton technologies deliver cable TV services to dozens or hundreds of displays per venue.

For convenience, I put together a table of contents to help navigate this guide to cable TV alternatives.

One of the latest methods to win influence is finding researchers willing to produce scholarly reports offering “independent” analyses of regulatory policies or telecom company business practices.We are in the process of retiring the ancient Flash video technology that managed our embedded videos here since 2008.It was long overdue, but as a result, our embedded videos will be temporarily unavailable until we complete updating many of the nearly 4,700 articles on Stop the Cap!I’m continually updating this page as new information is available.If you are new to cutting the cord, the quick video below is a great primer on what to expect. The first section of the guide covers the basics of cord cutting like streaming services, devices and antenna basics.If you're looking specifically for fourth-generation Apple TV apps, read this story.

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