Vb express 2016 database not updating


I cannot live without it’s “View Entity Data Model (Read-Only)” feature which I used to validate my code first models.But if you try to install the extension into Visual Studio 2015, you won’t find it.We used to save our application or user settings in an INI file (dark ages) or more recently in XML files using our own code or classes borrowed from other developers. NET framework using Visual Studio can take advantage of built-in tools to simplify or speed up access and saving of runtime values. C# code uses a slightly different syntax the concepts are similar.Once common example is saving database connection string information in a configuration file so that it may be changed without need to recompile the application. The following examples are using Visual Studio 2008 and VB. The Basics Each value you want to use in your application is defined as simple name=value pairs and saved in special XML files.Performs various activities related to Healthcare Information Systems Department such as writing and coding new programs from specific requirements, modifying existing programs,testing and debugging operation of new programs,defining faulty entries and taking corrective action to facilitate users flow of work.

Here are the steps to get the EF Power Tools into VS2015. Open the extension.vsixmanifest file in a text editor and find the Supported Products section.

Checking the extension in Visual Studio Gallery, you’ll see that it hasn’t been updated to install into VS2015.

The fix is nothing more than making it know about VS2015.

On the Assembly Information window, check Make assembly COM-Visible. This allows COM-based applications to call the class library's member variables and methods. There are a few ways to do it based on your circumstances.

Applications created in VB or VBA are COM-based applications. For a development machine, we can check "Register for COM Interop" setting in Visual Studio. Then check Register for COM Interop (Based on your version of Visual Studio, it could be on a different tab). Depends on whether your build is a Debug or Release build, you can find the DLL and type library file in either Debug or Release folder under the bin directory.

Oct 2016 note: There have been over 60,000 hits to this blog post so far. In July, I submitted a pull request to update the VSIX. Now just waiting for the change to show up in the VS Gallery.

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