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In her study of the representation and rhetoric of prostitution in Defoe’s Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress (1724) and Cleland’s Fanny Hill (1748), Daphne demonstrates how these novels use their title characters to interrogate the shifting societal views on this question.By marshalling nonfiction texts from the era like The Whore’s Rhetorick (1683) and The Evils of Adultery and Prostitution (1792), and by using tools of digital scholarship to perform word frequency analysis, Daphne shows how these two novels engaged with an ongoing cultural conversation as to whether prostitutes ought to be considered entrepreneurs providing for their families or fallen women in need of reform.The bronies, most of whom are aged between 18 and 35, also express their love for My Little Pony by writing poetry and fan fiction, creating pony-themed avatars and by attending conventions, one of the largest of which is held in Manchester.'Friendship is Magic', the strapline for the My Little Pony cartoon relaunched in 2010, is something you hear about a lot during a visit to BUCK and for many bronies, neatly encapsulates why they love the show so much.'Bronies usually only dress up during meet ups or conventions to celebrate their mutual fandom, so it's not unlike a comicon event,' explains Ariel White, who produced the upcoming episode of Outsiders with Darren Mc Mullen that features the bronies.'Often these young men spend much of their social interaction online and following the rerelease of the cartoon in 2010, the unlikely and often lonely fans found each other thus creating this subculture.

Pedophiles use the Internet to plan their trips by seeking out and trading information about opportunities for child sex tourism and where the most vulnerable children can be found, generally in areas of low income.

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To further solidify and extend her analysis, she also relies on secondary sources to contextualize the entire issue within the emergent capitalist consumerism of the era.

Daphne is thus able to detail how the relationship between morality and economics shifted over the course of the century, and the ways in which Defoe and Cleland responded to those changes through the figure of the prostitute and the metaphors and synonyms associated with it.

Child sex tourism results in both mental and physical consequences for the exploited children, which may include sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS), "drug addiction, pregnancy, malnutrition, social ostracism, and possibly death", according to the State Department of the United States.

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