Updating web page content

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Once your page initiates the Server-Sent event, the server script can continue sending updates.

The result is a page that regularly updates to reflect changes made to a server side file.

What makes it special is that only a portion of the page is reloaded, so you cut down on the amount of data downloaded by the client and the load on the web server. The main HTML page, When you have lots of browsers requesting pages that depends on live data, you need to be careful about how you update that data.

This document provides detailed guidance for designers, developers, and project managers updating Web sites from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0.

The good news is that many sites that already meet WCAG 1.0 will require little or no changes to meet WCAG 2.0.

Site Welder allows you to easily update your site anytime you want, from any computer in the world.

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