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After these are edited and saved, you have to delete all the v Bulletin 4 files except for the user uploaded files. delete the v Bulletin 4 files (except the user uploaded images and files in the /upload folder of your existing installation) and install the v Bulletin 5 files.

Be sure to upload the .htaccess that is included in v Bulletin product download.

If you are on a Mac like myself you’ll need to turn on displaying all files by opening terminal and pasting: defaults write com.apple.

Finder Apple Show All Files YES then restart Finder for this to take effect.

In this example it would be uploaded to /home/username/public_html/

You then log in via SSH2 telnet as the same user as the forum domain/site user and run the following two commands: You’ll be prompted to enter the path to your v Bulletin installation in this case = /home/username/public_html.

Drupal v B currently ships with 3 blocks: I don't have much time for this module anymore, so I'd be more than happy to add a new (co-? These rules and best practices for co-maintaining projects are explained in detail - if you're interested, please make sure to read them.

They are highly relevant and apply in particular to this project, as it contains security related functionality (establishing and synchronizing user accounts and sessions between two otherwise independent systems), and such code needs (at minimum) a second pair of eyes to make 100% sure that it works as intended and doesn't introduce a security vulnerability.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a complex forum with classified systems, photo galleries, CMPS systems, etc often those systems will require updating as well or possibly re-integration.

Our upgrade service ONLY includes upgrading the core v Bulletin system.

Template revisions are available for an additional charge and not included in the upgrade.

Once this is in place the biggest issue that is giving everyone trouble is that there are now two config files to edit.

What isn’t clear in the v Bulletin instructions is that in the root folder there is a file bkp – you need to rename this to and edit the path to your install location on your server.

So I usually don’t compress these backups until after the v Bulletin 3.x to 4.x upgrade process is completed fully. Create new empty database called newdbname and import backup vb3into newdbname Now you should have overwritten all files in /home/username/public_html with new v B version files [box type=”warning”] At this stage, if you are using v BSEO addon and have Max CDN or any other CDN hosted v B php/js/css files served externally, please flush and purge the CDN caches from your Max CDN or CDN provider control panels to ensure you’re upgrading using the uploaded new files and not cached CDN files.[/box] Step 5. Note if you have php opcode caching such as Xcache installed, please disable Xcache from the server and turn off Xcache v Bulletin datastore caching from BEFORE running PHP CLI command line upgrade as it seems Xcache doesn’t support PHP CLI.

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