Updating capistrano

I am trying to deploy the changes in the repo I made locally(merged master to local branch), but while the changes work on localhost, it does not update in the deployment, using bundle exec cap preproduction deploy. If you have followed the Ruby deployment tutorial, then you know that deploying application updates takes multiple steps.Notes: Capistrano runs locally – on your computer – and logs in to one or more remote servers via SSH to execute commands.Because the Capistrano script is in Ruby syntax, and because Capistrano runs locally, the Capistrano script can use arbitrary Ruby code to process the result of each command execution, for example to determine what command to execute next.Note: ‘within’ blocks are required to be wrapped in an ‘on’ block for the dsl to recognize it You may only have one ‘with’ block per call.

This system is more flexible than the old "strategy" system that only allowed certain parts of SCM tasks to be customized.Performing all these steps every time you want to deploy application updates is time-consuming and error-prone.This guide teaches you how to automate the deployment of application updates through Capistrano.For full details see the release annoucement, but the key bits I think make the upgrade worthwhile are: As well as using this in production across several sites, this process has been tested on fresh Rails 3.2 and 4.0 projects.If you already have a Capistrano V2 configuration for the application to be deployed, I suggest you archive all of this off and start from scratch with Capistrano 3.You will, of course, be able to update from the production dashboard, but simply updating the version number in will save you this step.

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