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Way to get me excited about nothing.”Another person added: “Who is #April The Giraffe's PR person because they are EXCELLENT.

TO CONTINUE TO FOLLOW OUR LIVE UPDATES ON APRIL THE GIRAFFE - CLICK HERE4pm BST: April is slowly strutting around her pen and waiting for the moment her baby arrives.Former President Jimmy Carter planned to be there ... Gregg died last week from complications due to liver cancer. April the giraffe has become an internet sensation, with millions logging on to watch her every move as she prepares to give birth at a zoo in Harpursville, upstate New York.Your partner can't give you everything you used to get from work and friends.You need other people in your life for support, friendship, and a shoulder to cry on.We are still not confirming active labor, but will state all physical signs are headed in the right direction.""All physical signs show we are ready for 'launch sequence'. As the world waits for April to give birth, the zoo told uk: “We’ve seen a lot of belly movement and baby kicks.” The park's owner Jordan Patch added that April “seemed a little bit off her normal routine”, which could be a sign that the baby is finally on its way.

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