Tips for updating or creating a resume who is john aniston dating

No matter what industry you may be applying for, résumés still matter.And even if you’ve gotten an interview due to connections (some statistics cite that over 70% of jobs are landed due to networking), you’ve still got to produce a piece of paper formally listing your credentials.Are there things people wouldn’t know from your job title?

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If you are just graduating, have fewer than five years of work experience or are contemplating a complete career change, a one-page resume will probably suffice.

And with recruiters spending about six seconds viewing a resume, you can’t afford to be anything less than sparkling. Start with the look and lingo "Whoever says looks don't matter hasn't been out on the job search battlefield lately," says resume expert Kim Isaacs.

These five quick “spring cleaning” moves ensure that your resume will be a strong contender when it reaches the desk of a recruiter, and better yet, a hiring manager. "You have to use every possible advantage to compete in today's job market." For starters, get rid of the "objective" field.

Well, it’s time to open that old document, save it under a new name, and get typing. A good starting point is to remember how you were just pitching yourself to person you impressed.

If the discussion centered around your interest in design, the last thing you’d want to do is leave that off just so that you can list every single bullet point of your first gig out of college.

Remember, that when it comes to your position now, you don’t need to go through your daily to-do list and write every little task down.

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