Taylor lautner and selena gomez are not dating


Here is what Both 16 and both in Vancouver – Selena Gomez arrived in town last week to begin work on a new movie called Ramona and Beezus.

My sources tell me exclusively that she and Taylor Lautner, of Twilight of course, have had dinner 3 times now, and that he’s been visiting her onset at her lunch hour when he’s not shooting. Let me take it one step further: One night they went to the Spaghetti Factory!

4, and Hollywood has EXCLUSIVELY learned what’s “Selena enjoyed another night out at The Nice Guy, this time with pals from her church,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

“She wasn’t with Taylor, although he was at the restaurant at the same time, and they briefly said hello to one another, but she was more focused on her friends.

She nibbled on some appetizers, had a few drinks, but didn’t go too wild.

She does love dressing up though wherever she goes and feels more grown up now than ever before.” Selena has never looked better.

This an old post and it was JUST a rumor, they are ONLY really good friends 🙂 Ive seen so many comments about them(comments are fine and always appreciated on posts 😀 ), and want you all the know they are not dating.

Just wanted to clear that up 😀 pix from Just Jared Taylor and Selena are now both filming in Vancouver(seperate films) and they have spent some time getting to know eachother!

Taylor Lautner has an addiction: Dating his movie co-stars.

It's almost like the sisterhood has such a higher place on the list of priorities for us.

It's so much more important than some guy that it didn't work out with." While she's not the only star to share an ex with a famous friend, it's worth highlighting the fact that Taylor seems to be swimming in the same dating pool as some of her celebrity girlfriends.

No, seriously — four of his past seven relationships stemmed from on-screen chemistry becoming real-life romance!

From Taylor Swift to Lily Collins, Tay has nabbed himself quite the popular counterparts in the past, and although he used to be pretty infamous for being quite the playboy, he’s totally settled down in recent years.

Taylor and Taylor were together for three months (from August to November) in 2009, but before then, he was linked to Selena. Ellie Goulding dated the DJ back in 2014, and Taylor was recently linked to him after they were spotted getting cosy at a concert in Nashville in March.

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