musician Glen Matlock) he couldn’t even play the bass and had pretty much nothing to contribute to the band musically.

Except for when it came to his image, which was powerful and intimidating—and not at all what he was really like.

Price isn't the only Canadian who is headed to camp with injury concerns.

Since then, Delhi boy Sidharth Malhotra has been very careful as far as his film choices are concerned. I have seen so much of her while shooting in Coonoor with her.

The 30-year-old actor admits that he wants to do “unique and exciting” work. We had a great time and shot [together] after many years.” But aren’t actors professionally lying on screen all the time?

After Spungen’s murder Vicious tried unsuccessfully to take his own life. Perhaps I’m getting a little soft, but when I saw these photos I found it very difficult to not feel an overwhelming sense of sadness while looking at them.

Then, after a seven-week stint in Rikers Island following a brawl at a club, Sid’s provided her son with the heroin hotshot that killed him. Although it’s pretty far from the truth these pictures seem to suggest that Sid had a pretty nice, seemingly normal upbringing.

There are photos of him as a baby playing on the grass surrounded by a picket fence. For his school photograph when he was eleven, Sid wore a striped tie, and as his mother Anne would say, a smile that “seemed to light up the world.” In his teens he developed a crush on David Bowie and there is a photo of Sid wearing bellbottoms, a denim jacket and a red shirt with Bowie’s image on it.

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