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Selina later revealed that she did not agree to the collaboration at first, as she was afraid that her dance skills were not up to par.She also shared that she had only agreed after thinking for a week.Despite the 8-year age difference and their initial awkwardness working together for the first time, in the last four months the two have reportedly grown exceedingly close on set.A few instances have caught the eye of production staff -a staffer bringing Kristen an umbrella after a scene and she immediately goes to share it with Kingone, the two always dining together at the staff lunch and Kristen was seen feeding her food to Kingone plus sharing her drink with him, Kristen’s family is reportedly clued in and big sister Selena Jen‘s cameo recently was so she could come and meet Kingone herself.I find the last bit LOL because Selena was all over Lego Lee when Kristen did, making me wonder if the Jen family is using Kristen’s acting jobs to help find her a handsome good man.I would be thrilled if Kingone and Kristen really was falling for each other in real life but right now the jury is out based on just the first report.Have a picture of them happy and healthy from before the accident.It’s impossible to know if SHE will ever have any activities as a group again, but they will definitely be friends regardless.

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On July 10 when Ella was in Jiang Su having her concert, Zhao Shi Yi and his friend have dinner together till past 1 in the morning and then left. E, though Ella may look to be open and bright, but her love road does not go smoothly.Once Selina appeared onstage, she proceeded to join Show for a dance routine that lasted for almost two minutes.The duo did not communicate verbally on stage at all, opting to exchange glances ever so often to tell the other where to go.The ceremony was presided over by Taiwan president Ma Ying Jou, with over 1,000 guests attending including top stars, political figures, and business leaders.I’m tearing up just reading about it, and seeing Selina’s beaming face and how she bravely wore a strapless gown despite her burn scars being visible.After the dance routine ended, Selina immediately headed backstage.

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