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The latter are more usually found on Earthenware pieces. The Second mark used from 1891- 1926 reflects the addition of a ribbon surrounding the lower half of the design for the first mark on which appears the words "CO FERMANAGH IRELAND" The change in the trademark occurred in 1891 in compliance with the 1891 Mc Kinley Tariff Act and the 1887 British Merchandise Act as amended in 1891,requiring the country of origin to be specified on the article. Wherever impressed marks were used, particularly with figurines the word "IRELAND" is added.

In Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, they were a manufacturer of earthenwares, basalt, jasper, ironstone wares under various styles from 1769. Impressed on the base ‘Adams ESTBd1657’, ‘Tunstall England’, ‘J, C.’, ‘M’, and ‘24’.These are printed on the glaze in red, brown or black. Rhodes & Yates, of the City Pottery, Trenton, were the first in that place to manufacture white granite and cream-colored wares exclusively. This mark was printed in purple on the ware, which had an ivory finish and raised gold decorations.They began in 1859, on the site of the old Hattersley Pottery, and in 1860 received a medal from the New Jersey State Agricultural Society for the best white granite ware. Richard Millington and John Astbury, under the style of Millington & Astbury, established a pottery in Carroll Street in 1853.In 1859 the firm name became Millington, Astbury & Poulson, They were making white ware goods in 1861. Ellsworth, at Alexandria, Va., at the breaking out of the Civil War, bears their impressed mark, an ellipse with the initials of the firm name.A large pitcher, with relief designs, illustrating the shooting of Col. This pitcher occurs both in white and in brilliant coloring.Dating and romance scams often take place through online dating websites, but scammers may also use social media or email to make contact.

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