Review of great expectations dating service


I am certain that if such a law suit exists, he would be interested in joining it.I am not sure if he would want to start one himself, if none already is possible that he would.And the building is in Edina leading you to believe it's upscale and legitimate.I have yet to have a man with a higher than high school education contact me.The service is nothing more that a scam to get your money and run. One of the guys that is in a commercial about their success stories has been cheating on his girlfriend since the day he met her and she knows it.Just recently, he has been dating women in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale. I had the same experience with the pressure sales lady, some extravagant blow hard Kelly Leary.

They did not even let me know when they moved locations.

Real ironic, her name is very befitting for the type, consumers need to be leary, very leary of this money grubbing, high pressure sales tactics using snake woman.

She has a small child and only interested in scamming, unsuspecting people to get their money by any and all means necessary.

I did so, this morning and learned that all the reviews were scathing.

Some of the people mentioned that there have been class action law suits against this company, in some states..when I told him about this, he expressed an interest in finding out if there might be such a class action law suit against them, in the state of California.

Online dating has obviously been quite popular for some time now, but it appears that one company may have overstepped its legal bounds -- though, it's unclear why those legal bounds are there in the first place.

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