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Internet content is regulated by the Office of the Children’s e Safety Commissioner (the Office) under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Cth).

The Office has powers to take down prohibited offensive and illegal online content hosted in Australia.

In fact, there is an enormous possibility to get infected while watching videos or looking thru photos of naked women (or men) on pornographic domains.

Viruses that hide in these domains are capable of stealing personal information, encrypting files and making their victims share their money with hackers.

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The Australian Classification Board (ACB) is a government agency that classifies films, computer games, publications and internet content into categories (like MA15 , X18 , RC).

: In most circumstances, it is not illegal for someone who is under 18 to view porn on the internet.

While videos that show people having sex are technically legally 'prohibited' online (which means that the Australian Communications and Media Authority can request that they are removed), it is generally not against the law to look at these videos for personal use. For example, it is a serious crime to view child abuse material (nude or sexual photos or videos of someone under 18).

Apart from simply watching these videos, people also enjoy downloading them into their smartphones and other devices so that they do not have to go online every time when they want to watch a certain video.

Many smartphone companies have introduced software and apps for downloading videos.

Such material can be found on websites, forums, peer-to-peer networks, and sites providing access to live streamed video.

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