Rd400 serial number dating

So, don't take the list here as gospel._________________Tony ITOC #05-000134 T-60s, T-63, T-15, Generation Standard, Hydra, Mantis LT, Milestone, Mystic, Odyssey, Patriot, Patriot tremolo, Predator, Raptor, Razer, Reactor, 3 Rockmasters, Tracer, Backstage, Bandit, VSS 20, Vypyr 30, Vypyr VIP-1.

FYI - Peavey's serial number database suffered a crash a few weeks back.

I searched but haven't found, is there a list of production dates of Meyer lenses?

I went over to the T-60 site and copied the serial number dating list that they have to hopefully help everyone here with their T-40 dates.

I have a couple, and I am very fond of this one for that indescribable you going stock or fixing all the irritating things ie.

In Addition: Canon Lenses, directions and tables, 43 pages Jan 1955 Lenses 1955.

My lenses are mostly CZJ - it's easy to find their production years from serial numbers.

But I have a couple of Meyers (particularly 1767662, 1949504), and I'm curious.

I just want to make sure people understand that the date of manufacture given here for a T-40 is a pretty good estimate, not exact.

Case in point: A question was asked at the Peavey website forum about a serial number date (00763566), our very own michaelcpoulin, and AJ came back with 1982.

Like as you can see below, the 31K, 31W, 1JF, 1JG, 57V and 1AF have the engine/frame number beginning by 31K; this is the number of making who make the difference (The beginning of engine/frame number is not obviously the model code of the bike).

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