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The development of Spanish cinema is tied to the tumultuous history of the country itself, as Brit Cowan reveals with these ten classic Spanish films, which embody the upheavals within Spanish society.

Bushnell was paid just ,000 for the rights to film those columns.3. She didn't buy it, but later decided she'd made a mistake and went back – only to be told that it had been sold to "some TV show". Carrie's address is 245 East 73rd Street, Samantha's is 300 Gansevoort Street, Charlotte's is 700 Park Avenue, and Miranda's is 331 West 78th Street. In the background, there is an Indian cab driver nodding along silently.

Mr Big, played by Chris Noth, was inspired by the former magazine executive Ron Galotti, one of Bushnell's ex-boyfriends.16. It's the same music that Aleksandr played to Carrie on his piano in "The Ick Factor". At the beginning of Charlotte's wedding, a Scottish funeral dirge is played.

The fifth season only has eight episodes in it because Parker was pregnant in real life. In 2012, the apartment Carrie lived in sold for .65 million. Matthew Mc Conaughey's role in the episode "Escape From New York" was written for Alec Baldwin. This is to symbolise Charlotte entering a bad marriage.36.

Weary of vampires, werewolves and the odd zombie apocalypse?

Sometimes we just need to get back to basics: A dark and stormy evening, a creaky old house, and things that go bump in the night.

5) The phenomenally bizarre documentary about how much Sweden loves Eurovision which included shots of baptising a child ‘Katrina and the Waves’ and a maths class revolving around the Eurovision points system.

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