Quotes being accommodating

If you are not that agreeable, then you don’t really care much about how the people around you feel about you.If you want to know your own level of agreeableness, you can take the You Beauty personality inventory.So I set about to figure out my seeming need to constantly appease.I assumed that at the core of my issue was a need to be accepted and secure; needs that sat right alongside a fear of being seen and summarily rejected, so I worked hard on becoming more courageous and bold.

You show me one step forward in the name of religion and I'll show you a hundred retrogressions.

When people try to use religion to address the natural world, science pushes back on it, and religion has to accommodate the results.

Beliefs can be permanent, but beliefs can also be flexible.

When you look at the other people in your life, there are lots of ways that you are the same.

You speak the same language, you all eat a few times a day and you have a tendency to breathe regularly. Some of those differences are physical -- some people are tall and others are short -- but many of them have to do with behavior.

When an airline sells more tickets for a flight than it has seats on the plane, it typically seeks volunteers willing to give up their seats in exchange for one on a later flight and a cash voucher of several hundred dollars. Many of us were, until Monday, unaware that being bumped is sometimes compulsory.

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