Product dating fender stratocaster guitars

v=ws Vfv2OSEKw One thing I can tell you is that M00385455 is NOT a serial number. Here is the parts list for the 60's Classic Series: ... Check the other barcode numbers to see if they correspond to the various body part numbers in the list (each color body has its own part number).

Fender serial numbers were assigned like this: As you can see from this over-simplified example, serial number assignment was fairly random. The only truly definitive way to date a pre-CBS fender is to look at all the dates on the instrument (body date, neck date, pot dates). Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses. instrument production history, production dates have been applied to various components.I guess people like to use those words way too often to describe Strats that are neither.I have a 'Classic Series 70s" Strat, and I think that the "Classic Series" are excellent guitars.While there have been periods where dramatic changes have occurred, for example: the transition periods between Leo's Fender and the CBS years, as well as the transition between CBS' Fender and the current ownership, generally speaking, most models are feature specific and do not change from year to year..

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