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I promise you this.” My fingers paused over the keyboard. Then embarrassed for being scared, and, finally, pissed.

On the one hand, it seemed unlikely that I’d soon be defiled and decapitated at the hands of a serial rapist-murderer.

I was 12 hours into a summer vacation in Palm Springs when my phone hummed to life, buzzing twice next to me in the dark of my hotel room. It was a.m., and a friend was texting me from the opposite coast. A few hours earlier, someone going by the username “headlessfemalepig” had sent me seven tweets. But this guy took it to another level: “I am 36 years old, I did 12 years for ‘manslaughter’, I killed a woman, like you, who decided to make fun of guys cocks.” And then: “Happy to say we live in the same state.

Im looking you up, and when I find you, im going to rape you and remove your head.” There was more, but the final tweet summed it up: “You are going to die and I am the one who is going to kill you.

There were always times, it seems like, in college, early adulthood, early career that I was always that one that had one too many and that became part of my persona. I went to jail and woke up and realized that something had to happen, something had to give.

It was funny for a while, but it began to really become an issue and a problem when those types of activities became more important than work or more important than my children, my family. I tried to talk myself into believing that somehow what I was doing was okay. I had to decide whether I wanted to live or die and I decided that I wanted to live.

I started taking pain medication to stay out on the field, to medicate the injuries that I was having, to be the best athlete I could be, to provide for my family. Injuries were the reason I started taking medication, but then after I crossed that line of addiction, they became an excuse to keep taking the medication. I couldn’t imagine getting out of bed in the morning and not taking a handful of pills every day.

When I retired and took that addiction to that phase of my life, that’s when everything went completely out of control. I was so sick, I was so scared, I was so broken that I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I needed to do something.

The addiction treatment center typically will either have in-house intervention services or would work in conjunction with an interventionist in Palm Springs or one local to you, or a loved one, spouse, or child.

Be sure to ask any of the Palm Springs opiate addiction rehabilitation facilities listed in our directory if they provide assistance with after care, sober living, recovery programs, and relapse prevention.

Heroin addiction counseling for the abuser who has stopped using heroin, opiates, or other drugs through detox and drug treatment is a vital part of recovery.

Located in a secluded spot in the desert just outside of the recovery destination of Palm Springs, the Desert Palms facility is housed in a former hotel that was once a Hollywood movie set surrounded by palm trees and mountains.

Patients can relax by the pool during free time while taking in the stunning views, or they may opt to participate in a meditative hike in the foothills with an experienced therapist-the tranquility of the environment is perfect for healing and recovering from the chaos of addiction.

Each patient who comes to Desert Palms will work with clinical staff to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs throughout the progression of treatment from detox to outpatient care at our Palm Desert IOP with sober living options.

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