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We believe this is the first step towards the sexual freedom Pakistanis so much crave for.

- However, Vlad, enough already – I supported Lesco, thinking how I survive a second time.

To make chatting more interesting there is a radio for all the chatters so you can enjoy talking in this chatroom while listening to the music.

racism, vandalism not allowed, sharing email and phone numbers are not allowed.

One recent afternoon, the writer Mohammed Hanif climbed out of his car at the Benazir Bhutto Martyr Park, in Karachi.

Hanif has made his home there since 2008, when he returned from London, where he worked for twelve years as a reporter for the BBC.

As a novelist and a journalist, he has become perhaps the foremost observer of Pakistan’s contradictions and absurdities.

And then I’m going to come here – Leszek became a member of the smear Vaseline.

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