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, Masih Alinejad - who uploaded the footage to Facebook and a prominent voice fighting Iran’s compulsory hijab laws - explained how the state-run broadcaster goes to “absurd” lengths to keep women’s bodies covered.

“This is the Islamic Republic of Iran which forces girls as young as age seven to be covered up,” she told the publication.

Oscars producer Michael De Luca was rumored to replace Brad Grey as the film company's CEO but sources told Page Six that is unlikely to happen now given the negative publicity.'De Luca produced the Oscars and was about to get the job at Paramount,' the source told the publication.

'Now because of the Oscar disaster, he is very likely not to get it.'Former Warner Bros.

“While many of us, including Americans, are expressing our opposition to Trump’s Muslim ban, we also have to be louder and clearer about our condemnation of Islamic Republic of Iran’s ban on women who can’t enter Iran without hijab.

The pair share a passion for humanitarian work, and Meghan has worked for several charitable organizations including World Vision Canada and the United Nations.boss Jeff Robinov, former Paramount chief operating officer Rob Friedman and 20th Century Fox CEO Jim Gianopulos are also tipped to be in the running for the gig.It comes after De Luca compared the Oscars debacle to the 'Hindenburg report' after Pricewaterhouse Coopers accepted the blame for mishandling the envelopes.'I literally heard, "Oh my God!Our own Baftas don’t always presage success at the Oscars.Last year, Leonardo Di Caprio’s The Revenant was anointed best film on this side of the Atlantic, whereas the Oscar went (more deservingly) to Spotlight, the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the child abuse scandal in the Catholic church.The first Oscars were presented in front of an audience of 270 industry insiders.

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