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Changing relationships are a key aspect of adolescence.The development of adolescent autonomy and identity is illustrated by a search for relationships outside the family (Glass, Fredland, Campbell, Yonas, Sharpes, & Kub, 2003).Typically, violence is considered a phenomenon that occurs in adult relationships.However, violence can also be a component of teen dating relationships.In 2015, DAIS collected information that assessed the needs of domestic violence victims and survivors in Dane County in order to inform strategies for community collaboration and program planning.Feedback from three main stakeholder groups (domestic violence survivors, community partners, DAIS staff and volunteers) was gathered from a total of 216 individuals through one on one in-person and phone interviews, focus group, and written and online surveys.

Although the use of the materials by schools is optional, we hope the available information will prove to be helpful in the planning and implementation of instruction and policy development.

The Department has developed a model for dating violence response policies and reporting which is based on recommendations from both national and state level experts.

The information and recommendations provided are made available to assist school personnel in the development of guidelines and policies which will be specific and appropriate for their school corporation.

To assist school personnel in identifying accurate teen dating violence prevention materials based on sound prevention messages and principles, the IDOE has developed a set of guidelines and an assessment process based on .

The materials identified through this process will assist schools - especially those serving grades six through twelve – with the selection and implementation of student oriented dating violence education programs.

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