My ex is dating a felon


He emailed me a while ago (while he was engaged to his wife) asking if I wanted to meet with him and implied strongly that he wanted to engage in his fetish one last time.Now that he is extremely famous, I am tempted to get in touch with him and offer to sell him the clips for a large sum of money.When Jeremy was arrested in 2014, police seized four weapons from him — a M-4 knockoff, a bolt-action rifle, a handgun and pistol-grip, pump-action shotgun.Bad boys are hot and all, but this guy was seriously dangerous!

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In that short time period, he’s managed to land a successful modeling career, which comes as no surprise to us considering how ruggedly handsome he looked in his mug shot.This guy is a jerk anyway, and I’m not asking for an amount of money that is significant to him.It is a small figure to him but would make a big difference in my pocket. Once upon a time, you were apparently happy (OK, maybe not happy) to engage in this squirm-inducing fetish with someone who was just a regular guy (who must have been a darn good customer at the local fishing-bait store).Paying no mind to his obvious passion for carrying firearms, Jeremy’s mug shot went rival on Facebook within seconds, gathering more than 22,000 likes.“Oh my goodness, he’s more attractive than half of the Calvin Klein models I’ve seen,” one user commented.When he couldn’t get the case thrown out on that basis, he pleaded guilty and claimed to take responsibility for his actions. He is eminently likable in person: courteous, avuncular, chatty, quick to laugh, and willing to lay himself open to ridicule.

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