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Here are a few highlights from our findings: Thanks to RJMetrics, the analysis was easy.Getting the data, however, was a bit of a challenge.The servers traced back to an anonymous host in Europe, and speculations abounded. Visitors to the site have skyrocketed from a few thousand in its early weeks to about 20,000 at any given time.It's not hard to imagine the marketers who would want to harness that traffic. After this global tour, a college student, chatting from his dorm room a few blocks away.

But there was something enduring about Chatroulette's mash-up of serendipity and human connections.

Miley Cyrus' sexed-up, Terry Richardson-directed demolition advert "Wrecking Ball" may be old news, but evidently there's still juice left in its joke market.

Comedian Steve Kardynal took to the voyeurist playground Chatroulette to reenact the music video in white undies and red lipstick for a collection surprised observers.

After all, if someone on an online dating site finds your profile picture unattractive, at least you don't have to witness them ignore it. Then my chat partner, a doughy 40-something, lowers his outstretched arm, which had been out of his webcam's range, to reveal a giant knobby thing that looks like it belongs in a museum. “Are you writing about all the masturbating guys on here?

The experience is either an unbridled realization of the Internet's awesome randomness, or a compilation tape of its greatest hits: Omegle meets Hot or Not meets, plus a liberal dose of shame. It's no wonder blogs have anointed it “the most addicting site ever” and “the only thing worth doing on the Internet.” Chat Roulette deliberately shuns the usual social-network safeguards: You do not need to be someone's “friend” to see the person's picture; you do not have to be “following” each other to exchange private messages; you do not need to be a genius to see why this could be every parent's worst nightmare.

It’s no surprise that Chatroulette is the latest media darling.

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