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Bounce remedied this by introducing a product that combined the savvy of Slack with the visual appeal of Pinterest and Instagram,” added Natarelli.

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Mural from an Eastern Han Dynasty tomb at Luoyang, Henan showing a pair of Liubo players in the foreground, the player on the right with his right hand raised up as if about to throw down the six throwing sticks It is not known when the game of Liubo originated, although according to legend it was invented by Wu Cao (烏曹, called Wu Zhou 烏胄 in the early 2nd century CE Shuowen Jiezi dictionary), a minister to King Jie, the last king of the Xia Dynasty, who according to traditional chronology reigned 1728–1675 BCE.

While there is no archeological or reliable documentary evidence to support the view that Liubo dates back to the Shang Dynasty (1600–1046 BCE), early Chinese records do indicate that Liubo was already a popular game by the Warring States period (476–221 BCE). The game reached its greatest popularity during the Han Dynasty, as is evidenced by the discovery of many examples of Liubo boards or sets of Liubo game pieces as grave goods in high status tombs dating to the Han Dynasty.

MBLM, the brand intimacy agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, announced today that it has launched Bounce: an all-new social collaboration tool for small and growing teams.

Bounce, which acts as a secure and private intranet, aims to streamline office communication.

What one person finds attractive can vary hugely from the next, but there are certain things that tend to put off the majority of people.

Female dating app users have been discussing what they’re sick of seeing in guys’ profiles and it turns out not only is the list long, but the women are much in agreement.

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Politically, it’s conservative, although it avoided taking sides on foxhunting, an issue on which its readership was likely to be divided.

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Formally the newspaper’s now published by Bristol News & Media.

Unlike other available social collaboration software, Bounce was designed with aesthetics in mind.

“We noticed that collaboration software was dominated by tools that relied on task lists as opposed to one that was visually pleasing.

When it comes to pictures, many men seem to be going wrong if the Reddit thread is anything to go by.

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