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Being in her thirties, she has a protein shake in the morning, eats whatever she desires in the afternoon and mainly grilled food (vegetables and chicken) at night.

During the event that was live streamed all over the world, one woman questioned the 34-year-old "Minority Report" actress about her clothing choices."This is not offensive, but I was at the grocery store and I looked at a newsstand and saw you, and you had your breasts showing.

Meagan revealed that she had practiced celibacy on and off throughout her twenties, both in and out of committed relationships — and was already on that path on her own when De Von was brought into her life.

As far as the list of celebrity boyfriends goes — Meagan says they basically pulled names from the clear sky to attach to her and she never named names.

Well, we all know she dated former Kansas City Chiefs running back Thomas Jones long term…so as far as Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Nick Cannon and Jamie Foxx go, some of it appears to be wishful thinking on the Post writer’s part.

We’ll have more from our sit down with Meagan and Devon Franklin about their new book “The Wait,” later this week!

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“I was a very destructive person and I struggled with that a lot,” Good, now 34, tells The Post of her younger days. That is how I got started with smoking too.” She had a string of romantic liaisons throughout her teens and early 20s, including Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Nick Cannon, Jamie Foxx and former Kansas City Chiefs running back Thomas Jones — but it wasn’t until one of her beaus cheated on her that Good began to consider celibacy.

We sat down with Meagan and her husband De Von Franklin earlier this week right after the New York Post story dropped, and she made it clear that the picture they painted of her and her journey was skewed at best.

The Post claimed that Meagan turned to God and celibacy after getting her heart broken by a celeb boyfriend, but Meagan says that her decision definitely wasn’t prompted by any man’s infidelity…

Watch De Von and Meagan’s full Architects of Change conversation here.

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Meagan’s paternal grandmother was Puerto Rican and black, and her paternal grandfather was from Barbados.

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