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We invite individuals with an interest in arranging and composing music to submit their works to be considered for performance by the 2017 Blue Stars.The winning arrangement/composition will be performed as part of the corps` encore repertoire for the season.As with all things, there was a process, a heritage, a collection of events from which the group came into existence.In 1902 the principal of the public school in the small community of Elkmont Springs, Tennessee resigned his position, loaded up his wife and two young children, and moved to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, seat of the adjoining county. Vaughan Publishing Company, to pursue his longtime dream of being able to publish gospel music songbooks.All such elements are presented under the fair use clause of the copyright codes for educational purposes only.In addition, we have compiled the most comprehensive discography ever assembled with regard to the recordings of the group.It is something I will treasure for the rest of my life." Works submitted should meet the following criteria: 1.

Music must be able to be performed publicly under current copyright laws.

This telling is sprinkled with our personal reminiscing, anecdotes, and observations, along with materials gleaned from numerous interviews with former group members, their families, friends and fans.

The visual elements contain herein have been drawn from a wealth of sources, with much having come from Jason’s own extensive collection of gospel music memorabilia.

Music history, like all history, becomes lost history unless chronicled and preserved in some manner.

Having both been a part of the Plainsmen, Jason and I determined a need to create an in-depth look at one of the great gospel quartets of the twentieth century.

The Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce the return of their annual "On Corps!

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