Marathon olympic dating


After six traumatic years, Gary’s father died from an unrelated illness.

Ever since, Gary has been honouring his father’s memory, and expressing his gratitude to those who helped the family to care for him, by running absurd distances to raise money for Macmillan.

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He did the 99th in London yesterday, round and round Hyde Park for 26.2 miles.Runners started the challenge at Blackeath or Greenwich Park from 8.55am and ended in front of Buckingham Palace.Among the racers pounding the streets of the capital were just-married couple Jackie Scully and Duncan Sloan.In the context of the London Marathon, that particular aspect of the story is strangely unremarkable. That’s the miracle of a sport through which hundreds of thousands of ordinary people have pushed themselves to athletic lengths they would once have considered impossible in order to support causes that, for their own special reasons, they are prepared to go through agonies to support.Each story is unique, and few are not moving or inspiring.The length of the event depended on the length of the route selected for the race, which varied from venue to venue.

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