Manually updating quickbooks 2016 tax tables


You may be responsible for state and local sales/use taxes when filing your tax returns. Quick Books 2016 Enterprise Solution Silver is a downloadable Windows software program from Intuit to help you manage your business.This 2016 version delivers Bill Tracker, new search options, and other features to empower manufacturing, contracting, retail, and nonprofit industries.

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Note: The following information refers to online updates. (from Mo) 1-26-14 James, Please know that we were in fact pleased with your product. Daphne (from TX) 3-20-12 Thank you so much for all your help, Jim. Keith (from UT) 12-28-12 We used your tax tables last year and loved it. Daniel (from CO) 7-11-12 This has been a wonderful wonderful system you offer. Sue (from PA) 4-20-12 We've been a client for the last several years for your PT Tax service and have been very satisfied.7-16-15Jim thanks for your expert help with our tax tables. Marilyn (from TX) 1-5-15 It's a great service you offer. You allow a small company to continue to do payroll at a reasonable price. Additionally, you having gone above and beyond this year to assist me technically with an issue that, in the end, wasn't directly related to the input of your tables, was a rare breath of fresh air with regards to technical assistance and customer service. I'll definitely recommend you to my Peachtree using buddies.You’ve empowered us to stay with our same version Peachtree 2011. It was truly a pleasure and I can't thank you enough! Keith (from UT) 1-18-12 Thanks for being so nice and helpful!For Quick Books 2006 customers To update your payroll: When the download completes, you will receive a message confirming that the update was successful.

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