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The region recently featured in the opening sequences of James Bond; Quantum of Solace in which a chase scene took place through the preserved streets of Sienna during the historical Palio.A festival of sport and local rivalries The Palio is a unique horse race that takes place in the piazza del publico in the centre of this medieval city.Questo il comunicato completo (postato in cinque lingue sulla pagina Facebook della cantante) F&GP Group comunica che le prime cinque date del tour europeo di Laura Pausini (7 ottobre Madrid, 8 ottobre Barcellona, 10 ottobre Marsiglia, 12 ottobre Parigi ,13 ottobre Lussemburgo) sono state cancellate per motivi di salute.

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The show’s novelty is that all participants are naked, with an additional twist in that a second candidate (also naked) is introduced halfway through the program to compete for the main character’s affections.This season, start with 25 may Inge de Bruijn will be dating naked on the VIP version.Inge de Bruijn, age 43, is a Dutch former competitive swimmer.This picturesque town is famed for its surrounding vineyards and has been hosting the wine festival since the 17th century.A week of different ceremonies and special wine tastings culminates in a barrel rolling contest through the narrow streets.Hosting this year's ceremony for the second time in a row will be talk show host and funnyman James Corden.

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