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Morris next had a supporting role in the slasher film Sorority Row as Andy.

In 2010, he played the recurring role of Agent Owen in 24.

When first launched, Jess was in her mid-to-late 20s and fresh out of a six-year relationship with her cheating S. First, with Paul (Justin Long), a music teacher with whom she worked.

Then, Russell (Dermont Mulroney), the parent of one of her students. Sam (David Walton), a man who only believed in casual sexual relationships, that is, until he met Jess.

If it was right, then Jess would have wanted to accept Ryan's offer, or least have a thoughtful conversation with him about it without trying to avoid him. You date him, dump him and then actually get your life in order.19 amazing stars who have never won an Oscar2. That means, for most of her adult life up until her move into the loft, she had been in a serious relationship.

Also, as much as Ryan has been a respectable addition to Jess' life, let's face it. She's already been in enough long-term relationships. Yes, she went out and flirted a little bit, but it did not take long for Jess to dive into one serious relationship after another.

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He was once engaged to Melissa Hastings and kissed Spencer Hastings, and later Hanna Marin.

When I was with So Solid Crew I met some incredible women, like Destiny’s Child who we once supported, and I’ve been propositioned in my time, but Natalie is unbeatable. We have to spend a lot of time away from each other because of my filming; we have two sons, Shayon, eight, and Paniro, five, and a daughter, China, seven, so it’s difficult. I was away for about four months while filming Recently I’ve developed an addiction to checked shirts so I don’t think so!

I like to play down my look and I’m not much of a shopper.

Although Jess and Ryan (Julian Morris) resolved to make their long-distance relationship after he moved back to England for work, things hit a breaking point when Ryan couldn't make it to Jess' dad's wedding and Jess called it quits.

Although Jess seemed sad to say goodbye, we've come up with five reasons why going solo is the right call:1. What was Jess' first reaction when her boyfriend asked her to move in with him? You don't need a psychology degree to know that that is not an appropriate response to that sort of question.

Morris was next seen in the independent horror film Donkey Punch as Josh, critically honoured after its screening at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

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