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They both agree to stop smoking, and they won’t smoke around each other.Jeremy Calvert is back on the market after ex-fiancée Brooke Wehr accused him of cheating on her with multiple women, but has he already moved on with an old flame?He said he “didn’t cheat” on her, and he posted a ton of NSFW comments about his ex-fiancé.To take his mind off of their split, the newly single father-of-one spent his Friday night drinking beer with his buddies.She even admitted to her sister that feelings remained.However, Jeremy Calvert, who may or may not have been temporarily split from Wehr at the time the scene was shot, appeared to be less on board with the idea.

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On their first date alone, they go to a very G-rated bowling alley, and Josh admits he moved back to North Carolina to live with his dad after he got into trouble — so he’s also trying to clean up his act.

MORE: Leah Messer Reveals How She Felt About Daughter Aleeah Being Tested for Muscular Dystrophy — with Brooke while Leah sought treatment in June 2015 at a rehab center.

Jeremy hinted that there was trouble in his relationship with Brooke last month.

It read, “Okay people I’ve had enough, yes me and Leah did not work out no happy ending, plenty of people get divorced, things happened in our marriage that we didn’t discuss on camera due to the fact why make more drama for the show and for our child so we didn’t period.

People are ate up with the Bulls**t in reality TV but guess what it’s not all true, I know that just blew most of your minds.

Following the episode, an outraged Messer, the mother of Jeremy Calvert’s 3-year-old daughter, Adalynn Faith, took to Twitter, where she called out MTV for editing the show to make it appear as if she was the only one who wanted to get back together. #So Over It.” Messer’s rant against the network was one of many, which have included threats to quit her role on the show earlier this month.

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