Istambol sex camera

The German artist produces works that comment on popular culture, politics and historical culture.

Bayrle explains his works for the exhibition “Camera degli Sposi – (after Mantegna)”; I am returning after forty years with Sex and Rock n’ Roll…

Mantegna would use illusion in his wall paintings; it is possible to notice an illusion that is similar in Bayrle’s works.

Renowned around the world for its exquisite art, history and architecture, Istanbul remains a shining jewel for Turkey. ISTANBUL domain extension is perfect for tourist agencies, hotels, restaurant and local business looking to get the attention of future and current tourist in the area.

The title refers to the work in Palazzo Ducal and to the artist Andrea Mantegna.” “Camera degli sposi” alludes to the wedding band, the ring, marriage and the married couple.

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