Issue updating media direct

However, if you click that link from a Windows device you will be redirected to the Media Creation Tool page. But, strangely enough, it has decided that Windows users shouldn't be able to access it as well.So if it reads the user agent of the browser and sees that you are accessing the page from a Windows device, you will get that redirect.

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All direct deposits will be processed first before any automatic withdrawals.Unless the drive and all pre-existing operating systems are left as originally installed, Media Direct can trigger a forced repartitioning of the drive whilst attempting to load.This intervention typically causes the loss of all operating systems and data on the device.Earlier versions of Media Direct attracted criticism since they adopt a distinctive combination of BIOS and hard drive layout to bypass the installed OS and boot directly to the media player application using a single button press.The chosen approach causes disk geometry to be deliberately misreported, can prevent the successful backup of hard disks and may trigger catastrophic data loss when Media Direct is launched.If you incur any fees arising from this delay please contact us.

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