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Sarah Shahi welcomes controversy on and off the TV screen. Brought up to believe that we should celebrate our bodies, Shahi was in a comfort zone, and thought her nude co-star was adorable in the buff.She reveals the key to her success, the art of celebrating her body and mind, and the joys of working with a naked Will Ferrell. The Hollywood newcomer would be making her big movie debut starring opposite one of the funniest actors of our time, former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell. Ferrell, on the other hand, was not feeling adorable or experiencing a similar career high. This particular scene called for a middle-aged man (Ferrell) to be caught drunk and streaking on a college campus by his new wife (Perrey Reeves) and her girlfriends (Shahi and actress Leah Remini). The audience never saw it, but the result was one of the most hilarious movie scenes of 2003.Also, check out photos of Sarah Shahi, Sheryl Swoopes and all the other ladies who packed Club Cafe in Boston for the party. I think there are a lot of people out there who really wanted Shane and Carmen to be together and thought their chemistry worked.Kathy Belge: How did you feel about what happened to your character at the end of season three? I feel like it was unpredictable which as an actress I enjoy playing things that other people don’t foresee. But it’s always interesting when things don’t work out the way you want them to.(Getty) Paris Hilton (PCN) Usually, Hollywood publicists keep their famous clients from revealing how they really feel about their colleagues—trash talk, however juicy, is usually bad for business.But in the age of Twitter, it's much easier for celebs to be maddeningly honest, as was Fairly Legal star Sarah Shahi last Friday.

Last season, she was cast in the title role of the Nancy Drew pilot at CBS, which was intended to be a more diverse spin on the classic detective character — the pilot ultimately did not go to series, causing quite a stir when it was rumored to be “too female” to land the greenlit at the network.

When the cameras were off, he was so humiliated by the whole thing. Take after take, during a full evening of shooting, Ferrell, wearing nothing but shoes and a strategically-placed sock, had to nudge his way next to Shahi in the backseat of an SUV. Old School was a hit at the box office, and Shahi was on her way.

A couple of times, the little sock in the front fell off. Confident, she found herself auditioning for more memorable roles of a lifetime, and getting them. Next for Shahi: a role on one of the hottest series on TV.

Steve's father Bill Howey is Sarah's acting coach and someone she credits for much of her success in her dramatic roles.

Life Before A Texas native, Sarah Shahi grew up with a Middle Eastern father and a Spanish mother. She became a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in 1999 and then moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to pursue an acting career.

As Carmen, a gay bilingual production assistant, and part-time DJ, Shahi dates and hangs out with fellow lesbians. Admittedly, Shahi did not grow up in a typical Latino home.

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