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It appears Musiq saw that a formulaic bass-heavy club- and/or bedroom-centric jammy jam a day keeps the bill collectors at bay.

So don’t expect any classic sexy time tunes this go-round.

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Well done Musiq, love your music and now this book! this book is essentially a bible for both of the sexes and it destroys all of the self/relationship defeating beliefs out there.i wish he could spend a little more time on the communication dynamics but he explains incredibly well with the wants and needs that people experience in a relationship and how we sabotage ourselves all too well.

The steep soil banks of the river would be reprofiled to reduce their gradients.

The new bank would be protected using wooden boards and, higher up, coir matting.

The ladies began shooting earlier this month, and things are already off to a good & juicy start. Soul Child has already filmed a scene or two for the show.

We've learned that Meelah and the father of her 4-year-old son, Musiq Soulchild, have been living together in Atlanta for years.

He also has an example throughout the book with a women named Monica who has trust issues and insecurities from previous relationships.

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