How to meet new people for either dating or friendship


That's the part that feels a little weird: I can understand why you might evaluate a date by appearance, but why a friend?

It’s a line I repeated to myself, a line I almost blurted out loud, at a “friend speed dating” event I attended in Washington, DC, earlier this year.But, I quickly learned that if I really wanted to experience my new city, I needed stop waiting for things to happen to me—and make them happen myself.So, little by little, I started checking out the restaurants I wanted to try (confidently saying “ I’ll sit at the bar, thanks ” is life-changing), attending special events, walking in the local parks, reading outside, sipping coffee at Starbucks, and other things that got me outside my apartment. I not only got to really experience my new surroundings, but I also went from being lonely and bored to having a full schedule of things on the calendar.Demand is definitely there for a Taylor Swift style squad: In the first four hours that this app update was live, Wolfe says there was a 40% increase in the number of new members downloading the app in the App Store and Google Play.While Bumble isn't the first dating app to have a platonic component (Ok Cupid lets users specify an interest for making friends, for example), it is the first that lets you swipe left or right for friendship.But, it was more challenging than I expected, and I definitely made some major mistakes along the way.

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