How to get back into dating scene after a divorce


You’ll feel cheap and rubbish and it’s likely you won’t ever hear from him again.The rising of divorce rates has caused many single parents to re-enter the dating world.After a lengthy marriage, a person’s confidence is lacking and the thought of getting back out onto the dating scene is daunting.It might not be so hard for Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez to find themselves a new man after the ordeal of a divorce, but it’s not so easy for the likes of us non-celebrities.A lot of divorce literature and media focuses on getting back into the rodeo and how to ease (or buck) back into dating. Dating is such a god-awful experience that I really cannot imagine it being any less or more awkward after you have been re-shelved.I took my friend's advice and decided not to date, instead nurturing friendships.Develop new hobbies: Engage in activities that you never had chance to before.

We all don’t want to be gossiped about like former singleton Jennifer Anniston, so to ensure that doesn’t happen, follow these steps to restore your confidence in both yourself and the opposite sex: It’s important to take care of yourself: Now is your chance to look after number one. Not only will you meet new friends, but you will also feel better about yourself, inside and out. I was amazed at the camaraderie amongst fellow divorcees – the girl who threw the party is still a friend today. On that first crucial date after your divorce – treat yourself kindly. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your dating life – mark it. Know that you will be nervous when you stating dating again. Make sure you’re with friends who will boost your ego and lose those energy vampire friends who aren’t there for you. See your girlfriends (or male friends) on their own. Trust me, they really won’t be at all interested in hearing about the failings of your marriage and your musings on why it didn’t work. Their togetherness will simply serve to highlight your failure in keeping your marriage together. Don’t talk about the ins and outs of your divorce or your ex on a first date. No one likes a ‘poor me’ victim – you’re so much better than that. You will be vulnerable and it’s ok to acknowledge this. Don’t forget to give yourself some breathing space between the decree absolute arriving and accepting a proper first date. Life after divorce can become very lonely for the people who go through it. People going through life post-divorce have to deal with certain issues when it comes to going back into the dating scene.

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