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Her performance, Mystery upon Mystery, reveals her path to becoming a performance artist and it is where she acts out a timeless artist manifesto taken from Emilys life and work. "Essential viewing for church groups, art history classes, fledgling saints and martyrs of all ages." -- Albert Kilchesty, "Heavenly Visions" program notes, LA Filmforum, 1985 Rental: .00 16mm Rental: .00 Genre: Experimental Keywords: Art & Artists, Body, Erotic A study of the male and female nude; in honor of the painter Harry Koursaros and the classical beauty he loved. All of them are hopefully lyrics of high visual intensity that celebrate the expressive potential of the medium they were created in and the simple grace of taking pleasure in seeing and hearing the world (the loss of which is increasingly threatened in the sad times [2005] we are living through).She acts as narrator between the fragments of conflict with simple straight forward acts of physical contact to the final question of death-dealing violence: "Should I kill Jeff or that Gun bitch" Zoo demands several viewings and a close reading of the subtexts. Rental: 0.00 16mm Rental: 0.00 Genre: Experimental Keywords: Art & Artists, Biography & Autobiography After Bernini's "Ecstasy": baroque excess and dazzle; shot in S. SHADOW HUNTING (1981, Shot on S-8mm, 2 min., silent)- exploiting the painterly 'smear' quality of undercranked, 6fps projected S-8: Shadow hunts, I follow.PIE PLATES (1980, Shot on S-8, transfered to 16mm, min.)- a John Cage inspired (his work for prepared piano accompanies the visuals) backyard, yin/yang, optically printed meditation.("a lingering impression of harmony using a minimal amount of footage" - Linda Gross, L. Times) FONTANA (1988, S-8mm, min.) - in the shadow: after the grotesque fountains I saw in Rome.The “White Indians” of Panama were albinos, the Ainu of Japan and the “Blond Eskimos” of Victoria Island descended from ethnic groups distinct from the general population.Henry Morton Stanley’s “white race of Gambaragara” remains a mystery, but may have been a population of light-skinned East Africans who lived in the rainforests of the Ruwenzori Mountains.

Mlfi HLV EFFECTIVE INSTRUCTIONAI It's the 90's a new decade a time for change a time to remember the past but more importantly, a time to look to the future The sky's the limit! Elissa Krakauer played the brilliant young girl who was not able to find where she fit in the school.

3 90'S Sophomores on the first day of school Student Life Those Sizzling Soaking up the rays, hanging out with friends, lifeguarding at the beach, traveling through Europe, partying at all of the local hot spots - this was how WHS students spent the summer of '89. Smith, studying the Classical and Renaissance worlds, and "struggling" just a little bit along the way. Jon Saul was the odd young man living in the basement of her home, and finally shows how much he cares for her in the end.

Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine were once again the places to be. Sophomore Mark Carapezza enjoyed 'bakin' in the Bahamas, while Senior Alex Meek caught the rays while lifeguarding at the Wayland Town Beach. The per- formance was particularly impressive in that it was the Freshman's first Winter Week Play.

Grades 4-5 Honorable Mentions: Samyuktha Arvind, Jason Ramdeo, and Erin Wong Grades 6-8 Honorable Mentions: Jaeden Casasnovas, Syeda Rahman, and Sujay Sundar Grades 9-12 Honorable Mentions: Malachi Mitchell, Sara Nordlicht, and Emily Scarpati Post High School/Adult Honorable Mentions: Felicia Hang, Arlene Levine, and Francie Scanlon Fun in the Sun Get into the game, Get into the action, Get into the fun! Go to the beach With sand beneath your toes, And water in your hair.

Going to India And bringing back Sand, Seeing why milkshakes Taste so bland!

S-8 DIARY: WILDWOOD (1988, S-8mm, min.) - a Sunday drive down the Jersey shore and back which we often did when Linda's parents (from Wildhood) were alive.

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