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Even if you don’t count Corbin Bleu & Monique Coleman, who were only rumored to hook up off screen due to their on-screen chemistry as Chad Danforth & Taylor Mc Kessie, respectively, there’s still a whole lotta lovin’ to go around.Monique Coleman (Taylor) also Instagrammed a cute throwback of Efron and herself on his special day, writing, "Happy Birthday @zacefron. #theboysareback pic.twitter.com/m B8pu TAw Oa— Zac Efron (@Zac Efron) October 5, 2016 In May, Efron delighted fans with a throwback pic with Tisdale, Bleu, and his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens.

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You finish each others' sentences and have the same sense of humor.' Love boat: Vanessa and Zac take to the high seas And while they have accrued some 250million fans worldwide, don't expect HSM: The College Years.'Not for us,' Hudgens has said.With Campbell also on the scene, we can sense a great big sing-song about love triangles and hopefully one of them crawling backwards up some stairs a la Troy Bolton in ‘Scream’.Speaking of Derek, he's a football-player turned amazing dancer with a soft centre underneath his hard exterior image, who even teaches dance classes to little girls at his family’s studio. Then there’s East High’s former queen bee, Tamara, who is a cheerleader trying to regain her spot at the top of the social ladder.Hopefully he’ll appear wearing Ryan’s hats too, because we miss them.Erin, a girl who’s aiming for the best and is the only girl on the boys’ football team (YAAS), has a crush on bad boy Derek, who coincidentally falls for her too.The pair, who have been dating for more than a year, stayed at the exclusive Amanyara Resort on Malcolm’s Road Beach, where they enjoyed regular arm-in-arm along the foreshore during their week long stay.

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