Grandma webchat


She joins us to talk about writing, her grandchildren and Richard. Everyone told me that being a grandmother means that you love your grandchild as much as you did your own.See the bottom of the page to watch a video of Judy reading the winning poem for our World Poetry Day competition. I didn't understand this and couldn't really believe it was possible but they're absolutely right.

Is there a good, inexpensive tablet we could get them, though?

Long answer: Face Time is great if everyone has Apple produ--I'm so sorry: Congratulations on your new baby! Those start at 0; i Pads and i Phones go up from there.

I just launched right into the answer like a nerdy robot. Now, if they have a relatively new-ish Mac computer, they're already able to Face Time with you guys.

We'd like to keep it around 0 or less if possible.

Short answer: Get Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 6 for or use their existing computer for free. We actually have a similar problem in my family, too, with everyone on different mobile platforms. To get Mom and Dad on the Face Time train, your cheapest option would be to get them an i Pod Touch, which is like a phone-less i Phone.

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