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As Jonas reveals in the segment, his brother Joe Jonas and his band DNCE discovered the origins of their memorable track when he was writing the song with some people from Sweden. No one can do an impression of Joe Jonas quite like his brother.

When they asked him what the phrase "cake by the ocean" meant, the singer realized the Europeans were referring to "sex on the beach," but didn't have the right words. If you fast forward to in the clip, you will witness the most accurate representation of his older brother's quirky performing style.

Truth is, Nick, the star of Direc TV’s brutal drama “Kingdom,” is still trying to grasp the potency of his new ripped bod himself.

“I have been trained very well by some excellent fighters, so if anything ever went down I’d be worried that I would use the training and then get in trouble,” admits a baby-faced Nick, who says he’s never been in a real-life fight before.

If they aren't dating I'm sure all they nicholas Jonas fans will be happy that he's single but sad he's not with Selena. They are most likely very very good friends,but that doesn't mean they don't like each other.

If they aren't dating I'm sure all they nicholas Jonas fans will be happy that he's single but sad he's not with Selena.

Lucky for the 22-year-old, his bodyguard is just outside.

So, Selena needs a new showmance to keep her in the media until her new album’s October release date.“I was at a basketball game the other day and a few older ladies came up to me and said, ‘I love the new song!When Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and James Corden are packed into a car to sing along to the radio, essentially anything goes.(He’s eating his go-to order, the Martha, a pizza made with mozzarella, prosciutto, truffle pâté and basil.) The singer, sporting a leather and shearling All Saints jacket, just finished lunching with his brother Joe and a friend, fashion designer Richard Chai.“Oh yeah, this is a treat day and an indulgence for sure,” says a scruffy Nick, who put on 15 pounds of muscle for “Kingdom” (he since has shed 10 of them).From the real meaning behind "Cake by the Ocean" to why Jonas finally took off his purity ring, here are the five facts we learned from their segment on Carpool Karaoke: 1. As former Disney stars, the duo became friends ten years ago and are about to celebrate their friendaversary. After Lovato teased the former boy bander for dating the Disney stars back and forth, Jonas revealed that he later fell in love with a "I had a real relationship with an adult and I fell in love," he declared, adding that he decided then that it was time to take off his infamous purity ring. Our best guess is Australian singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem, whom he dated in 2011 and is eight years older than him. Whether he's harmonizing in falsetto octaves above his range or just rocking out to the melody, this man's vocal talent makes even the industry's greatest sound that much better.

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