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Phrasal verbs are very common and are a really good way to make yourself sound more natural when speaking informal English.

They can be difficult, but here you can find out how to use phrasal verbs to talk about each of our topics.

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VICKI: Wow – he’s going round the world – how exciting! MATT: Well, he had reserved a few nights in a hotel, so he went to check in. We could just go to the travel agent today and buy some tickets. Read the conversation VICKI: Matt, I’ve just been to the travel agent and I’ve got us tickets to go to the Maldives. MATT: Just let me write that down so I don’t forget. Do we stop off anywhere on the way or are the flights direct? VICKI: The plane leaves tomorrow afternoon so we need to set off for the airport at 11am. It’s great - I’ll have no problem eating this food up – it’s lovely! Read the conversation VICKI: I’d like to start by talking about your early life - your childhood... VICKI: Yes, I want to take you back, to remember your childhood…. VICKI: Yes and on the journey we'll be meeting lots of phrasal verbs, so let’s take you back in time now! CALLUM: Well, I was always told to be polite and have respect and so on, but they tried to let me make my own mistakes. I’ve got a temperature, a headache, a sore throat…. VICKI: Oh dear…I’d say you’re going down with the flu!

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